How To Make Perfect Social Media Profiles for Your Soap Business

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How To Create Fantastic Social Media Profiles for Your Soap Business

Successful social media marketing begins with fantastic profiles. Learn how to set up your profile so it will get great results.

On most social media sites, the process of signing up is easy. You simply navigate to the site and look for a button or link that says “Sign Up” or “Register.” Usually the site will walk you through the signup process.

The exception to this is Facebook, which requires you to sign up for a personal profile before creating a business page. You may want to enlist help if you are technologically challenged and want to sign up for Facebook.

You will need to add certain elements to your social media profile. We have included the most common items below. Check which are needed for the site you are signing up for. Be sure and check specifications as well, such as file sizes and image ratios.

Full Logo 350 Clear


You have an amazing logo for your business, right? Great. Every social media site uses an avatar that functions as your profile picture. This is where you put your logo.

Your logo is going to show up next to every comment, every post, everything that you submit to the social media site so you want to make sure you do this right. Read on for tips to make your logo dazzle.

  1. If your logo isn’t already round, adapt it to fit inside a circle. Make sure no corners are cut off when the social media site crops your logo.
  2. Simplify an intricate design. Most of the time your logo will be a small image next to your contributions. Use just your initials or a simple design. You can have two versions with one more intricate and one very simple.

Use an online file compressor like Optimizilla to make the file size smaller without compromising the quality of the image.

Email Image

Cover Photo

If the site you chose offers space for a cover photo, use it. Most social media sites have a space for them. If you do not have a cover image, your profile will have a large empty rectangle at the top.

Instagram is one of the few social media sites that does not have space for a cover photo. However, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google Business Profile all have a space for them.

Put thought into your cover photo. Most likely you will already have everything you need for your social media profile except for the cover photo. You may be tempted to just slap whatever you find up there to save time.

Putting a mismatched image up will damage the aesthetic of your profile page. Even if the cover photo is nice, it will look out of place if it clashes with your logo.

Find a nice image that compliments the colors of your logo. This is a great time to showcase some of your soaps. Or you may want to search for an image on a free image site like Pixabay. A stunning cover image will impress your profile visitors.

Information Snippet

How well can you summarize what you have to offer? If you haven’t learned to share this succinctly, now is the time to learn.

Social media sites usually offer a space for you to add a small amount of information about your business. These tend to be severely limited. On Instagram, for example, you have 150 characters. You could use all of them up in one long-winded sentence.

Take the time to create an information snippet that conveys the most important message you want to share with your customers. An unclear description can lose followers who would otherwise like your page and become customers.

Business Information

The final item you will find on virtually every social media site is a place to include information about your business. You might think that each site would allow you to put in all the basic information, but surprisingly, that’s not true.

Social media sites are created first of all for people to be social. For this reason, some sites are incredibly stingy on what they allow you to share in your bio.

Instagram allows you to add your website. If you have a business account, they will allow you to add your phone number as well. But that’s it. Don’t expect to include your address or business hours in your profile.

Pinterest allows you to submit more of your business information in your settings but they don’t display this information on your profile. Customers viewing your Pinterest profile can click on a button to view ways to contact you if you have included contact information, but they can’t see all of the information.

Decide beforehand what information you want available on your profile and be prepared to enter it when you sign up. Remember that most sites offer a messaging service that can also be used to reach out to you so it may work to leave off other business information..

Signing Up

As we mentioned above, signing up is usually a pretty straightforward process. You will usually be led through a series of questions to add the most important information to your profile. However, when you’ve finished that, you aren’t done.

Once you’ve finished the initial process, navigate to the public view of your profile. Take a look at it and make sure there aren’t any blank spaces. Be sure to fill in this information if there is.

Next go to your account or profile manager. Often you will find places to include more information than you were originally asked for. You may want to fill in this extra information.

Finally, switch your account over to a business account, if possible. On Facebook and Google, you will originally be signing up as a business. On Instagram and Pinterest, you have to change the setting.

Switching to a business account gives you access to extra tools that are only available to businesses. You will be able to access analytics and create ads with a business account. There may be other features available as well.

How to Get Help

Chances are that you will get stuck somewhere during the process of signing up for your profile. Don’t worry! There is plenty of help available.

Each social media site will have a help center where you can search for answers to your questions. However, we find that it is usually easiest to just do a quick internet search. Search engines will not only direct you to the help center information of your chosen social media site, but they will offer many other helpful guides as well.

Don’t forget that we also set up social media profiles for soap business owners. We charge a one time fee to set up the social media profile of your choice. If you need help with a logo, information snippet, or other aspects of the process, we can help with those as well. Submit an estimate request if you would like us to set up your profile for you.

How To Make Perfect Social Media Profiles for Your Soap Business
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