4 Steps To Unlock Results For Soap Makers Social Media

4 Steps To Unlock Results For Soap Makers Social Media

You are a special breed. Neighbors wonder about you.

In fact, the other day, your neighbor caught you stirring a steaming pot that had no visible source of heat under it. The goggles, heavy rubber gloves, and thick apron did nothing to dispel their worried stares.

You are a soap maker.

Making amazing soap comes easy to you. Now you want to start selling homemade soap online with social media.

How Soapy Social Content Can Help

We create content just for homemade soap sellers. Our business model provides social media posts at a lower cost than other content creation services so that you can build an impressive social media feed for far less!

Whatever type of soap you sell, whether it is cold process, hot process, melt and pour, organic soap, vegan soap, or soap with inlays of your mother-in-law’s profile, we can help. Soapy Social Content creates general content to include in your soapy social media. Sign up for free today!

4 Steps to Social Media Marketing for Selling Homemade Soap Online

Below we have provided a four-step guide to setting up social media for your homemade soap business.

Step 1: How much social media is right for you?

Step 2: Decide which platform to use

Step 3: Set up your soap business profile

Step 4: Learn what works for you

We have two whole steps before even setting up a social media profile. Success in social media marketing begins before you click the signup button.

You could waste time setting up a profile and publishing content on the wrong social media platform. A little planning can help you identify which platform is best for you.

We recommend starting with only one social media platform. Signing up for more than one platform might not help your soap business reach more people. It can actually sabotage your efforts.

Each platform has its own set of best practices that will help potential customers find your content. You need to learn how to get attention on your chosen platform. As a small soap maker with limited resources, you will see more success focusing your efforts at first on just one social media site. After you have learned that, you can branch out.

woman with questioning expression and question marks how much social media is right for you

Step 1: How much social media is right for you?

Every soap maker who wants to sell soap online should be on social media. However, social media is a huge time commitment. Successful online soap sellers spend more time marketing on social media than making soap.

Some soapers may be looking only for a light online presence. You may prefer a light online presence if you have an offline thriving soap business and just want a place online where customers can find your business information.

Different social media platforms are ideal depending on whether you want to sell a lot of soap online or not. In step two, we will go over which social media platforms are best depending on how much online selling you do.

If you need more information on where to focus your marketing efforts, check out our in-depth guide: 4 Factors Will Make Your Soap Business Social Media Magic!

We also offer social media management services. If you want someone to manage your social media entirely, fill out our social media manager form here.

hand holding transparent ball filled with online icons decide which platform to use

Step 2: Decide Which platform to use

You are probably considering selling most or all of your products online. However, you may also wonder if that is the right choice for you.

If maintaining a social media presence seems daunting, consider a less time-consuming online presence. You may want to focus your selling efforts on farmers’ markets and craft fairs, in which case other social media platforms will work better for you.

Instagram for Heavy Online Soap Selling

Go to Instagram.

For soap makers who plan on selling all or most of their soap online, Instagram is our first pick for social media platforms. Instagram is a visual platform attractive to the type of person who buys homemade soap.

Beautiful images of homemade soap showcase nicely on the Instagram platform. A profile is quick and easy to set up, and easy to use. Announcing events and sales is easy.

Our favorite feature on Instagram is that they now allow you to sell directly through their site. You do not have to pay any upfront fees and the transaction fee is more modest than major selling sites like Amazon and Etsy.

Instagram offers fewer profile options than other platforms and requires a great deal of time to keep content fresh. Hence, it is not ideal for people who do not want to spend a lot of time selling online.

Soapy Social Content creates social media posts that work best in Instagram. You can easily supplement your Instagram feed with our free and premium accounts.

Pinterest for Medium to Heavy Online Soap Selling

Go to Pinterest.

If you want to sell some or all of your products online, Pinterest may be your platform.

Pinterest works more like a search engine than other platforms, so your account will not suffer as much if you fall behind on creating new pins. You need to interact on the site regularly, but this is less labor-intensive than creating new content daily.

Pinterest tends to rank higher on search engines than other social media sites, so your content may even attract traffic outside the platform. It also creates beautiful product pins for free that automatically update information as you update your online listing.

The downside of using Pinterest is that time-sensitive content, like sales announcements, is less likely to reach people quickly. The platform is also not as aesthetically pleasing as Instagram.

Facebook or Google Business Profile for a Light Online Presence

Google Business Profile or Facebook are good options if you want a light online presence. Both provide listings that will offer your customers the information they need to contact you.

Because Google and Facebook are so big, it is difficult for small sellers to rank high on general searches. However, they are ideal for creating a page where customers can find basic information about you.


Go to Facebook.

Public Facebook pages show your business information and news feed to anyone, even if they are not logged in. Users who log into Facebook can see reviews, groups, and other content on your page.

Facebook includes a news feed so you can update your customers on the latest sales or other events. Unlike Instagram, people don’t need to join Facebook to see this content.

The downside to using Facebook is that the set up process is overly complicated. You have to set up a personal profile first before you can set up a business page. The process to set up a business page is also somewhat complicated.

Soapy Social Content works well on Facebook pages. If you would like content to include on your soap business’ Facebook page, sign up for a free account and see what we can do for you.

Google Business Profile

Go to Google Business Profile.

Google business profiles have many social media features, like the ability for customers to message your business online, leave reviews, and post images. You can even create posts.

Google would be our primary suggestion for business owners who just want an online page except it has one serious drawback: you have no dedicated URL pointing to your profile. People can only view your profile by searching for your business on Google. You can’t print a web address on a business card telling customers where to find you online.

It is ideal if you need an online presence for customers to look up information about your business quickly. It’s super simple to set up and perfect for someone who is not tech savvy.

Other Platforms

There are several other social media platforms available. We have covered four that we believe are ideal for soap makers with various selling needs. If you would like a more comprehensive guide that covers other platforms, check out our article: Which Social Media Platforms are Best for Soap Sellers?

Soapy Social Content will help you set up your social media platform. You can submit a request on our social media manager form and note that you want help building your profile. We have reasonable fees for one-time profile set-up services.

woman using laptop on bench set up your soap business profile

Step 3: Set up your soap business profile

Social media platforms have different requirements. On some, you can include a great deal of business information. Others have many limitations.

Most social media sites are simple to set up. If you aren’t super tech-savvy, you will still be able to use most sites.

The exception is Facebook. Facebook requires a personal profile before creating a business page and has many confusing options and settings to wade through. It can be challenging to set up if you struggle to navigate complicated technology.

Each platform will have different requirements. The following items are frequently necessary for your social media profile:

  • Circle-shaped logo: this is required on virtually every platform and shows up as an avatar next to your submissions
  • Cover Image: many social media platforms require this; it shows up as a banner at the top of your profile
  • Business Information: all social media platforms allow you to add business information, but some have limits on what you can include
  • Information snippet: all social media platforms have space for a little snippet about your business; this is usually very limited in length

Signing Your Soap Business Up on Social Media

Most social media sites will quickly walk you through signing up your soap business. Simply navigate to the site and look for a link that says “Sign Up” or “Register.”

However, once you have signed up, be sure to view your public profile and see if there is any missing information. Also, look through the settings for options where you can add information. You will usually find blank spaces. Fill these in to provide more content for your followers.

On many sites, you also have the option to switch your account to a business account. Make sure you do this. Business accounts give you options that aren’t available to other users, like access to analytics.

scrabble tiles spelling like learn what works for your platform

Step 4: Learn what works for your platform

Once you are ready to start submitting content, you will want to research how to boost your content. Doing this can vary widely on different platforms so be sure to research your specific platform.

On whatever social media platform you have chosen, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Optimization: social media platforms all have ways to search content, and most have tools to help you discover what search terms are popular on your site; use these whenever possible
  • Ads: paying for advertising space will help both your paid and organic traffic
  • Analytics: learn what analytics are telling you so you can provide the best performing content to your followers
  • Find your Niche: identify what sets your soap apart and find out where your kind of people hang out on your social media platform

Don’t forget that Soapy Social Content has done some of the work for you. We provide high-quality social media content for soap makers.

We offer a free account where you can get weekly content that you can customize for your business. We also offer a premium account with more content and additional features. Sign up for free here.

If you need more help learning what works best for your chosen social media platform, check out our more comprehensive guide in Quick Tips to Make Your Soap Business Social Media Explode.

You Got This!

You are ready to start building a solid social media page. Pick the right platform, learn what works on it, and find customers who can’t wait to buy your soap. Don’t forget to check out more of our content for additional tips, and sign up for a Soapy Social Content membership to get high-quality social media content every week!

4 Steps To Unlock Results For Soap Makers Social Media
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