4 Criteria to Choose the Best Social Media for Your Soap Business

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4 criteria to choose the best social media for your soap business

Is it time to raise the bar on your soap business marketing? (See what we did there?) Are you ready to go online? Or are you online and wondering how much effort to put into your social media?

Social media is fun until you are trying to use it to market your soap business. Then things can get downright messy. This is why taking time to answer a few simple questions beforehand will increase your chance of success.

First let’s get one thing straight: are you asking yourself whether or not you need to set up a social media profile? If you are, then you are asking the wrong question.

As a soap maker, you need to be on social media.

Why You Need to be on Social Media

Where do you go to find out information about a business you intend to purchase from? Most likely, you do an internet search. That is exactly what your customers do too.

Most customers look for business information on the internet, even local customers. You need to create at least one online business page for your customers to find basic information about your company. Of course, social media is the fastest and easiest way to do this.

Social media is also a good fit for those interested in heavy online soap marketing. You can get a lot of free advertising through organic traffic. You also have a lot of options for creating different kinds of content.

If you are discouraged by the huge amount of people online, social media can help there too. Instead of trying to pitch your products to the five billion people who use the internet each day, social media narrows your audience.

Of course, social media will narrow your audience down to millions instead of billions, so you still have your work cut out for you. However, with social media, you can choose a platform your customers are more likely to follow.

Basically, don’t ask yourself if you need to be on social media. Start asking the real question you need the answer to: how much social media do I need?

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How Much Social Media Do You Need for Your Soap Business?

Now that we’ve got you asking the right question, check out this chart to find the answer. By considering a few factors, you can make an informed decision on how much effort to put into social media:


Light Online Presence

You sell almost exclusively in person

Medium Online Presence

You balance your efforts between selling online and in-person

Heavy Online Presence

You post regularly, and sell almost exclusively online

Shop Setup

You do business entirely in-person; your online presence only helps people find you in person; you have a storefront or other ways for customers to find you in-person

You sell both online and in-person; you get steady sales from live venues or shops and also regularly fill online orders

You mainly do business online; your in-person sales are only to family and friends or people buying wholesale

Interpersonal Skills

You connect easily with others in-person; you’re a natural salesperson

You are comfortable with social interaction both online and offline

You feel more comfortable interacting online; you understand SEO

Technology Skills

You struggle to understand technology; anything you have to do online takes a long time

Your technology skills are solid; you can adequately do what you need online

You are tech savvy and feel comfortable navigating online; you pick up new technology skills quickly and easily


Your community has plenty of opportunities for you to sell in-person; you connect with shops, farmers markets, etc, in your area and have plenty of business

Your community offers at least some opportunities to sell in-person and you are comfortable selling online as well

You have few opportunities in your area to sell your products

Think About It

Looking at the chart, which factors affect your soap business the most? If you consider the different opportunities and skills you have, you can determine what will work best for you.

Many people find that they succeed best by selling in person. Others find that they have a knack for selling online. Do what works for you so you can make your social media shine.

Do you have a magnetic personality and often find people taking your suggestions? You probably do better selling in person. In that case, you will want to set up a simple social media page. Just set up one time and update it periodically when there are major changes to your business.

On the other hand, if you write stunning product descriptions and create fun social media posts, online marketing and selling is probably best. Plan for aggressive social media marketing and be prepared to set up a social media profile and post regularly.

What Social Media Site Should You Sign Up For?

The whole reason you want to ask this question is so you can decide what social media platform will be best for you. There are many to choose from.

If you decide to go with a light online presence, Google Business Profile or Facebook would be good choices. But if you plan to sell mainly online, Instagram is the best choice. Pinterest is also a great choice. Both offer visual experiences and attract a demographic that is more likely to buy homemade soap.

If you would like more information on choosing a social media platform for your business, check out our article that offers detailed information on each platform and how well they work for soapmakers. Also, don’t miss our four step guide on getting started with social media marketing for soapers.

Don’t forget, if you need help setting up and creating content for your soap business’ social media, we are here to help. Soapy Social Content creates content just for you! We can also help you create a profile. Sign up today!

4 Criteria to Choose the Best Social Media for Your Soap Business
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